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This summer I was reading the Math Teacher Mambo blog and I read an interesting post about how she wanted to use Mad Libs in her classroom. Since the first days of school can be a bit boring and mundane to some students, I decided to liven it up. Rather than just hand out books and provide a form telling me their book number and condition, I though it might be fun to make the form that the students’ fill out, regarding the information of their book, Mad Lib themed.

The day before I handed out textbooks, I had students fill out a sheet that didn’t really make sense to them at the time. On this sheet there were a bunch of randoms, like nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. The next day, as I handed out books, I provided a form for them to write in their answers from the previous day. After everyone had finished filling out the form, I asked for volunteers to read their stories. My first class didn’t have any volunteers, but all my other classes did. Those that read out loud, provided the class with a funny story which everyone else enjoyed. In addition, the experience also helped us to understand a little bit more about those that read their stories. One kid filled in all of his blanks with sports related words and everybody soon realized how big sports are in this kid’s life.