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When I’m at home, one thing I really enjoy is lounging out and watching TV. While my favorite shows include Breaking Bad, Eureka, Scare Tactics, and other amazing shows; the one type of show that I can’t stand is reality TV. While I do try and avoid these types of shows, it’s important to remember that since I’m married, I don’t always get to dictate what will be recorded and watched on the DVR, and occasionally I may be in the room as my wife is watching one of her shows. This was the case a few weeks back as I caught an episode of the Kardashians.

The episode was the one where Kim loses her diamond earring in the ocean. If you haven’t seen it, then you can check it out here. My favorite part of this scenario was when Kris Humphries made the comment that he would never own something so expensive, because then if it’s lost, he won’t be upset about losing something so valuable in terms of price.

Even though I can be a bit materialistic at times, I am trying not to be, especially since we just had our first child and I know things will get broken from time to time. So if when things get broken, my goal is not to dwell on them and remember that things can be replace. And for those items that can’t be replaced, well, I guess extra care should be taken so that they don’t get lost or broken by keeping them out of sight or in a secured area.