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Graduation Speech 2011

Posted: June 14, 2011 in End of Semester
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This post started out as something much different (and much darker). After starting to write it, I discovered that it would make a good graduation speech to keep with the theme of trying new things. Unfortunately, in my years of teaching, I have not been selected as faculty speaker, but hope to someday. To help prepare for the day when I do become the faculty speaker, I have decided to create a speech for the end of the year/semester. Hopefully, I will be able to come up with something for the end of each term in the school year.

As a child my dad would take us to the water park, our grandparent’s swimming pool, and to the local pool. We had a blast every time we did something as refreshing as this in the summer. What I didn’t realize as a kid, but later found out as a teenager, was the fact that all of the places mentioned above have one thing in common; they are all places where my dad could touch the bottom. I can’t remember how I found out, but when I did, it was a huge shock to discover that my dad, the same guy that took me to swimming lessons, can’t swim.

When I asked him why he couldn’t swim, he simply told me that he never learned. He explained that when he was growing up, his family didn’t have a lot of money and his parents were too busy trying to make money. He also told me that as an adult, when I was just a wee tad, that he tried to take adult swimming lessons from a nearby swimming pool. Unfortunately, when the swimming test came around, he failed. After hearing this, I of course had even more questions. Why did you fail? Didn’t they teach you what to do before the swimming test? Do you still have a desire to learn? Although I’m sure that he answered each of these questions, the only one that I remember the answer to is the last, in which he replied that he really didn’t have a desire to learn.

Life is all about trying. From crawling, talking, first steps, dating, tasting new foods, and visiting foreign lands; our lives are all about trying new things. Sometimes the experiences are good and other times not so much. My dad tried to swim, but after getting in the pool and experiencing it, he chose not to pursue it. I too have tried many things, and in the process I’ve discovered things I don’t particularly care for and things that I love. I wouldn’t, however, know about the great things in life if it weren’t for me trying something new.

Formal education is one experience that we are forced into trying, as our government makes it a point for us to receive an education. Many of you enjoyed your K-12 education and will be moving on to higher education, while others didn’t enjoy the learning experience and will be ending your formal educational experiences today. The one thing that everyone sitting here today has in common is that you tried, you stuck with it, and you succeeded…┬áCongratulations!