Extreme Couponing

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Math, Real Life Math, Uncategorized
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So, this weekend as we were channel surfing, my wife came across the show Extreme Couponing on the TLC channel. We were watching it and we were amazed with how this could be done. We began to wonder how this is possible and in the process we asked ourselves some questions regarding this type of shopping. For example, who actually needs 100 boxes of cake mix? Do you really need everything you buy? At what point do you donate the food to the needy? Are you needy if you shop like this? What kind of a tax credit can you get from donating that much food? Why don’t homeless shelters hire people to do this for them? Are they afraid that if they go shopping for a shelter, that they will run into trouble when they go shopping twice at the same store, even though it is for two different “households”?

Some of these questions were answered with other questions, but fortunately, this posts isn’t about these questions. Instead, I’d like to look at the possibilities of using this in the classroom. So, today I did a little research as I was interested in how one works through this process of extreme couponing. I came across a site that explains the whole concept and it provided a great starting point. But then, I remembered seeing a lady a Walmart that worked in our school district that was partaking in extreme couponing, and she had her laptop computer. She briefly showed us a glimpse of her couponing spreadsheet that she uses to keep track of everything. With this in mind, I next began to search for an excel document that I could use to help understand this method of shopping a little bit better. After a bit of searching I came across this site that offers an excellent spreadsheet.

With summer vacation almost upon me, my goal this summer is to research and attempt, at least one, shopping trip that uses couponing. My goal is to understand it, and if it entails a great deal of mathematics, to implement it into my classroom. For now, it’s a goal, so stay tuned for future updates…


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